Important Notice: Please, see our information letter concerning Covid-19
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Information Letter

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This letter is updated effective 12/30/21

1. COVID continues to be an issue worldwide and the state of Hawaii is no exception. However, Hawaii has taken the disease very seriously since the beginning of the pandemic and we have been affected much less than most of the US and the world. With this new variant we are recording record numbers of infections, but the new variant seems to be much less severe than the original and our hospitalization rate is very low. I do not have any special knowledge about COVID or the restrictions about COVID. The information presented is just my best knowledge based on watching the news and may not be 100% accurate.

2. Oahu is Open. At this moment (and this could change) our Governor and Honolulu mayor feel like our infections are within the local communities and are not being brought in by our visitors. He has not changed the COVID rules that have been effect since the summer of 2021. Restaurants and most activities/tours are open at the discretion of the owners of those companies. You may find some activities closed. There is an occupancy limitation of less than 100 people at large events and somehow the government decides to waive this requirement for certain events. There has been some talk of restaurants going back to the 50% capacity rule and there are rules for large capacity vehicles that do not affect us as our vehicles are small.

3. LOST Tours Hawaii is open, in business and has been throughout. We had a very busy Spring Break period in 2021, an almost unmanageably busy summer season, and now a very busy busy Christmas/Winter Break period. We follow all state requirements for managing the new COVID outbreak. We keep groups small. A Hummer holds four people and our “Dharma Van” a newer Mercedes mini-van holds seven. Most often we do not fill the vehicles to capacity and do our best to keep groups separated. But there is no state requirement to do this and occasionally we will mix groups within a vehicle. We do offer private tours at an additional expense. Give us a call at (808) 561-2440 and check prices for this.

4. To book a tour – we only book tours on our website. We can coordinate cash payment, give us a call. To book on the website you must use a credit card. We DO NOT charge cards until the evening prior to your tour. This way, if there is an issue with COVID, your vaccination status, your flight being cancelled or issues dealing with the disease, give us a call as soon as you know about the issue and we can cancel your tour and there is no refund needed, because we never charged your card.

Thank you for reading this letter. I look forward to completing your reservation and helping you to Get LOST on Oahu.

Dave Atkins